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October 3, 2009

return of the baker and bittersweet stories.

it's been a few months since the last update. i blame school, work and life consumed most of my time/life. believe me, you should see my lj and other blogs, they're just as barren. i'm partly to blame for not making the time. though, it is kinda depressing that it's only when i am out of school that i have time to update and leisurely bake. don't get me wrong, even when i was still living in student housing and overwhelmed with school life, i made time to bake. i was making batches of cookies, lemon bars and rolls for my roommates and the starving guys down the hall.
my short stay at the AiCa-SF helped me realize that there is so much more than getting paid to cook/bake and about skills. i realized that my cooking and baking is an extension of my dreams, love, and fears. not sure if i'm making any sense. ahh, i'm weirdly emotional about baking.
hopefully, this weekend i'll have some photos from my pastry final. 

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